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Your »Road to Cofinpro«

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Transparent process, fast response.

We value efficiency - and that's how we treat your application. We make well-founded but quick decisions, because we want to recruit your talent for our team as soon as possible.

Are you curious about how the application process at Cofinpro works? Here we explain every single step - from pre-selection to getting to know each other. And then it's up to you. We are already looking forward to your application.

Our application process

1 Show us what you can do


First, your application is sent to our HR team, where it is carefully read and checked. There may also be one or two questions for you, ...

2 Give us a few clicks


... if we are impressed with your application, you will be invited to a 30-minute online test, which includes »text comprehension«, »diagram analysis« and »scheduling«. This easy test helps you and us to better assess your skills for everyday project work.

3 Let‘s talk!


…afterwards we want to get to know you better: You will be invited to an approx. 30-minute video call with a colleague from the department.

4 Now you really get to know us


... the next step is a 3-hour interview including a case study. If this is also positive, we will invite you to our headquarters in Frankfurt - the heart of the financial world. This is where we will get to know each other in person!

Always ready to listen to you

You can reach out to our recruiting team, Saskia and Alessa, at any time: jobs@cofinpro.pt.

01 Alessa Erbacher HR27805
Saskia Mathea

But now it's time for your application.

Until you hear from us, we are of course available for you.
You can contact our recruitment team at jobs@cofinpro.pt.