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Your career at Cofinpro

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Your career at Cofinpro

Climb the career ladder

To give you an overview of the opportunities awaiting you at Cofinpro, we have encapsulated our job profiles into a career model. It consists of five job profiles, ranging from Consultant to Senior Architect. The best news: once you start with us, we ensure that you can literally watch your skills grow.

In the initial stages of your career, you can contribute your diligence as we involve you directly in ongoing projects. In addition to your knowledge of specialized processes, methodological competence and, of course, your communication skills are essential as you build solid customer relationships. For experienced consultants, each job profile requires specific skills in expertise, social skills, and leadership. You can immediately begin applying your expertise in credit, securities, or payment projects, addressing issues related to digitization, regulation, and industry innovations.

We are confident that the diversity of our projects, numerous workshops, training sessions, and coaching on methodological and technical topics will fully satisfy your curiosity.

Career model

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To provide transparency in our job profiles and to give you an overview of your opportunities at Cofinpro, we have developed a career model for you. 

How you move forward on this career path is determined by your professional experience as well as your technological skills, your social competence and your leadership skills. 

The best part is that from day one, Cofinpro supports you with a lot of trainings / feedbacks and coaching in achieving your goals and ensures that you can observe your skills growing.

Become the best version of yourself.

We want to help you become the best version of yourself right from the start and to further enhance our technical expertise, we offer you the following.

Choose from a variety of trainings and education programs offered in our curriculum, such as:

  • Software Engineering
  • Architecture (CPSA-F) and Certified Professional for Software Architecture (CPSA-A)

In addition, various platforms can be used for self-study: 

Try out the latest technologies.

Once a year, we host our Coding Dojo. Join our technology experts for two days to work in teams on the latest technology trends. The Coding Dojo offers a great mix of fun, learning, networking, and collaboration.